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To ensure nutmeg plants grow well and

 To ensure nutmeg plants grow well and produce continuously high, fertilizing should be done. Fertilizer can be given organic fertilizer (manure, Agen Bola Indonesiacompost) and fertilizers (urea, TSP, and KCL). Excellent organic fertilizer to keep the soil and its fertility trivia. Terms of organic fertilizer is an important element of N must be contained in the organic compounds to be easily absorbed by plants and fertilizers do not leave the rest of the organic acids in the soil.
Inorganic fertilizer is most needed is nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), as well as elements of macro or micro nutrients such as Zn, Cu, Mn, and others.
Given fertilizer consisting of 1 kg Urea + 1.1 kg + 1.2 kg TSP KCL per tree. Fertilizer was given 2 times a year, ie at the beginning of the rainy season and at the end of the rainy season by adjusting the content of elements of fertilizer used. Manure can be given origin has been cooked so that contamination between crops with harmful substances can be avoided.
Sumberr organic fertilizer and mineral content of each type of fertilizer tersebut.Sebelum fertilized, cleaned up around the plants first and then made a trench encircling the plant canopy width 2-10 cm deep. fertilizer sown in it and then closed again.

Sela Plant Pananaman
In the vegetative phase, ie since the nutmeg seed is planted until the plants begin to learn to bear fruit, then among the nutmeg plants still loose. If the land is in a well-made beds and beds for crops planted between, for example, plant beans or vegetables.
Once the plants begin to learn to bear fruit nutmeg, tanamana sidelines can be replaced with ground cover plants or lawn. Useful ground cover to maintain soil moisture, improve soil structure, suppress weed growth, and prevent soil erosion around the plant.

PALA Plant Pests and Diseases

Agen Bola Tangkas A. Pests
Important pests often attack plants which are swbagai nutmeg follows.
1. Borer Stem (Batocera spp.)
Stem borer attack symptoms are hoist on a stem with a diameter of ½ -2 cm, and there was a hole hoist sawdust. As a result of these pests for a long time can kill plants.
Control of stem borer can be done by closing the hole with a wooden hoist, thus injecting poison into the systemic trunk, make indentations in the hole and kill hamanya hoist.
2. Termites

Roller Blinds Termite infestation is common in gardens that are less clean than shrubs and tree stumps. Termites usually strikes the bottom of the plant, starting f

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