Sunday, June 1, 2014

Regarding seeds , said Lekmin

Regarding seeds , said Lekmin , can be made by taking basil seeds obtained from elderly basil flowers of the tree . Seeds are ready to grow generally have characteristics of black and dried , first planted during 18 days ago moved into a planting medium that has dibedeng .
Plant basil , continued Lekmin Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia , can be intercropped with cayenne pepper , papaya or banana tree leaves which have been shaded by tall trees exposed to avoid direct sunlight a day . ( cw - 01 )
After the 50-day -old Basil plants can already collected young leaves to salad raw . If the plant is expected only young leaves so do not let the flowers grow , but if you expect an old fruit to harvest, let the flowers grow and become fruit . Similar plants Plant Basil Basil is Penanamanya same way . Thus how to grow basil , easy enou

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