Monday, June 16, 2014

The initial investment is a capital that must be provided

Agen Casino Online            The initial investment is a capital that must be provided prior to production or business activities are in year 0 (year business establishment). The elements that are included in the cost of investment is related to the production equipment and must be provided before production begins. Investment costs required to run a nursery business is Rp.176.500.000 pearl oyster, - and the cost of depreciation is Rp.14.659.259, -/siklus.
B. Operating Costs

Operating costs are divided into two kinds of fixed costs (fixed costs) and variable costs (variable costs). Fixed costs incurred to run a nursery business oysters each cycle is equal Rp.33.112.666, - and not its fixed costs are Rp.26.480.000, -
C. Analysis of Profit and Loss
The result of slug production generates as much as 20,400 head / cycle. Sales calculation is:
- Snail size of 5 cm x Rp.2.000/cm x 5000 tail = Rp.50.000.000, -
- Snail size 6 cm x Rp.2.000/cm x 10,000 = Rp.120.000.000 tail, -
- Snail size 7 cm x Rp.2.000/cm x 5,400 = Rp.75.600.000 tail, -

Total Production = Rp.245.600.000, -
So the income earned in the first cycle of Rp.245.600.000, -
Analysis of income = Revenue - Total Cost of Operations

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= Rp.245.600.000, - Rp.52.725.259

= Rp.192.874.741, -
So, pearl oyster nursery business net profit Rp.192.874.741, -/siklus.
D. Benefit Cost Ratio (B / C ratio)

Analysis of B / C ratio can be used to assess the appropriateness of an effort to run. When the value of B / C obtained is equal to 1 (one), means that the breakeven point (the same cash flows in the cash out flows), so it needs revamping. If the B / C ratio greater than 1 (one) means a business idea / project should be feasible and if it is smaller than 1 (one) means there should be feasible.
B / C ratio = Rp.245.600.000 (Total Revenue): Rp.52.725.259 (Total Cost of Operations)

= .4.65 (Feasible)

Agen Bola TerpercayaFrom the calculation of B / C ratio can be seen that the value of B / C ratio on the pearl oyster nursery business profitable or feasible (go) to run that on the 4.65 figure means that any costs incurred Rp. 1, - will result in a gain of Rp.4, 65, -. If the B / C ratio <1 is not feasible to run the business, B / C ratio> 1 is a profitable business so that the

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