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How Raising And Breeding Murai Batu

How Raising And Breeding Murai Batu
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Agen Bola IndonesiaIncreasing number Murai Batu fowling so that this bird is one that is woven bird extinction due to many in the search by the public to be made in the birds chirp race, fatherly overcome it I will give you tips how to breed and cultivate Murai Batu birds, so I expect in this way we can help in the conservation of birds Murai Batu memjaga this.
Here is someone How to cultivate and breeding Murai Batu:

Create lah cage with wire and iron to elbow with a size of 80 x 90 cm with a height of 2 meters, and merikan sealing the cage so the bird can not see one another for the board let the natural course of earth and give a little sand.

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Give the birds eat the crickets, caterpillars Kroto and cages. Voer not given in addition to having never eaten also due to the belief that birds with natural food with appropriate composition would produce more tillers and more healthy.
"Feeding birds must be adapted to the conditions, can not be generalized. Bertelor different birds feed the birds at the menu yet bertelor, "he said.
Feed the birds that have not bertelor is Kroto two spoons, tail cricket 30 morning and 10 evening tails, two tablespoons caterpillar cage. Meanwhile, when bertelor Kroto eliminated, reduced to 25 head crickets and caterpillars cage still be given.
"Reduction of bird feed when bertelor aims to reduce lust, as if a bird egg lust usually discarded. Well, when the birds hatch feed was increased to twice that. For example, crickets into 60 tails, Kroto full cage and still consumed caterpillars, "he explained.
text-align: justify; vertical-align: baseline; "> Birds will usually hatch after incubation for two weeks, then be harvested after the age piyikan piyik week and to be given a ring. After harvesting the stem fed regular, ie Kroto two spoons, tail cricket 30 am and 10 pm and tail caterpillar cage two spoons. And so on until the current breeding bertelor again. "Usually the female is already a week later again and of course feed bertelor adjusted again," he said.
According to Anton adatah most vulnerable period w
Roller Blindshen weaning from the mother to piyikan piyikan month old, because in those days it was common piyik death. "It's the most difficult time is when piyikan taken from its mother, especially if cold weather during the rainy season. But after we give vitamins piyikan baby warmers and the death rate was able dltekan, "he explained.

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