Friday, March 28, 2014

Tomato needs of households in the whole of Indonesia

Tomato needs of households in the whole of Indonesia is very high because we are very happy with the name of the tomato sauce. But what if the plant tomatoes in addition to planting tomatoes hobby with dipekarangan also results can be used to reduce spending in the kitchen.
Before learning how to grow tomatoes in advance we discussed what it was tomatoes. Tomatoes are plants that can not stand the rain and scorching sun panas.Tomat temperature can be planted in the lowlands / highlands. Tomatoes planted in suitable soil loose, porous and fertile, slightly clay containing sand and a pH between 5-6. Rainfall is needed tomatoes Agen Poker Domino Online Indonesia Judi Uang Asli  750-1250 mm / year, high rainfall can hamper persarian. Relative humidity is high for planting tomatoes about 25% will stimulate the growth of young plants because of CO2 assimilation for the better through the stomata open more, but will also stimulate the microorganisms and plant pests harmful to plants. Tomatoes are more satisfactory results when planted in cool, dry area of ​​the mountains.
Now we discuss how the cultivation of tomatoes:
Penyemain tomato seeds
Prepare growing media for tomato plants is a mixture of soil and manure 25-30 kg, Enter in plastic polybags or contongan banana or coconut leaves. Sebarlah seeds evenly or enter one by one in a polybag
After 8-10 days old seeds, seedlings select good, strong and healthy bumbunan moved in banana leaves or dikepeli containing growing media mix Watering is done every day (see the condition of the soil)

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