Monday, March 17, 2014 - Rising prices is a blessing for sellers chili - Rising prices is a blessing for sellers chili pepper seeds in Banjarnegara , Central Java ( Central Java ) . Chili seed sellers turnover increased by five times . High prices encourage public interest in this chili for chili plant in your own garden .
One seller chili seeds , Renti , looks invaded buy Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia  ers . Women who had six years of selling seeds in the chili was admitted Banjarnegara City Market turnover increased dramatically during the past week .
If on weekdays only sold about 300 belt size small chili seeds , now mancapai 1,000 50 tie rods or large size . " Now many are buying . They want to grow their own because the price of chili expensive now , " he said , Friday ( 22/03/2013 ) .
Nowadays , many people are chasing plant seeds chili , chili Harapanya can reap in your own garden when the price of chili expensive . " Yes , get ready . If the price is high, I live right strum alone . Term, if the mothers do not want to have to make a spicy feel drained pockets , " said one buyer chili seeds , Yati .

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