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Almost all areas of the archipelago have Duku trees spread evenly .

 Almost all areas of the archipelago have Duku trees spread evenly . There are three types duku most widely planted by the people of Indonesia , namely Duku Histories , and Duku Duku metesih Condet . Besides it tastes fresh , Duku is also used to treat various diseases . The skin and seeds are used as medicine duku diarrhea and fever , while the bark could be used to cure dysentery . Duku tree wood is also often used as household furniture .

Nurseries Duku

Raising Duku is one potential business . How duku cultivation is also not so difficult . In plant duku to note is the quality of the seeds . Mak


e sure that the seed planted has a good quality , such as disease-free , are early maturing , and growing fast .

How Duku tree planting can be done through seeds and vegetative generative through cuttings or grafts . Planting is done now duku more done than generative results . Usually seeds and grow their own duku fall under mature trees . The success rate tends to be greater generative growth of vegetative albeit with a longer time . For plant vegetative result is usually easier to die .
Land Management

Cultivation techniques duku done with good land management . Duku maximum will grow when planted in soil with a pH level of 6 - 7.apabila pH conditions are not in accordance with the requirements of growing Duku , then the process of calcification . This process can be done by sprinkling around the area of land . Land also must have airase soil organic matter and good . Land preparation is done in the dry season , while planting in the rainy season .

Planting Techniques Duku

Spacing for each seed varies from 7 × 8 m , 8 m × 9 , 9 × 9 m , and 9 × 10 m . Make sure if each seed has a wide enough distance so as not to complicate future growth . The next step is to make the planting hole . Perform the perforations around 1-2 months before the seed was planted . Recommended hole size for seedlings Duku is 0.8 x 0.8 x 0.7 meters . If duku derived from the seeds planted , the planting hole is made deeper . Whereas if duku derived from the graft / cuttings , the hole made ​​wider and wider . Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesia How well do plant seeds when soil conditions are wet .

Plant Maintenance Duku

There are 4 stages in maintaining plant Duku , ie replanting , weeding , fertilizing and watering . Stitching is a staple crop treatments by replacing damaged or dead plants with new ones while weeding is done by cleaning up unwanted weeds .

harvest Duku

Usually duku start flowering in September and October and then enter the harvest in February and March . Flower pollination is done by bees and other insects . Harvest time for buahduku vary in each region . There is an area that yields fruit - complexioned duku twice a year .

Duku fruit harvesting is done by cutting the bunches of fruit with a knife or pruning shears . Try not to hurt the process of cutting the shaft of the handle attachment point bunches . This is because this area is the area next inflorescence emergence . Better to use a JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA BANK LOKAL ladder to climb a tree than climb directly on the tree trunk . This is to avoid any damage to the flower buds . Perform picking only the ripe fruit .

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