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Features the hit ' heart disease Heart disease that is highly at risk of disease in the world

Features the hit ' heart disease Heart disease that is highly at risk of disease in the world , not only would canker disease . some people do not know that he suffered heart disease due to not know its characteristics. they know often the heart disease arose after critical features until it was too late to overcome.Characteristics of those affected by Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercayaheart diseaseCharacteristics of those affected by heart diseaseHeart disease has many features , one that is pain in the chest and fatigue . but sometimes people assume chest pain and fatigue just for common pain . Generally people who work certainly experiencing fatigue , headache , chest pain and other features , but more often ignored until it's too late to do prevention .a natural feature of early heart disease that is as follows :
1 . Features of heart disease that is affected by neck pain
Patients who had experienced a heart attack just generally understand that it is often so stiff , sore and feel more like a fascination in the neck due to muscle tension . this feature often neglected due to the patient more concentration on the tightness or pain section of the left breast .
This last condition due to the nerves of the heart tissue send pain symptoms fluctuates to the spinal cord that stretches to the neck and shoulders. This pain is not available on a specific area , and generally does not go away with cold compresses , hot or muscle massage .
2 . Characteristics of those affected by heart disease that is often so dizziness , shortness of breath or fainting
Someone might be able to experience not breathing, dizziness or fainting especially when doing the usual description of mourners road or clean place to stay that was initially used to have a problem.
This last condition due to blood through the arteries to carry oxygen to the heart did not meet . plaque that builds up can cause heart problems getting Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murah enough oxygen , to sometimes someone so sick time must draw a deep breath . generally lasts more abrupt and can disappear at rest.
3 . Characteristics of those affected by heart disease that is pain in the jaw and ear
Pain in the jaw of course so mysterious features that may result due partly out , but sometimes it can also be a guide from coronary heart disease and heart attack . The pain got to look for jaw and ear pain are difficult to get from which it originated.
This last condition due to damaged heart tissue send a sign to the marrow backbone become the nerve to change for the jaw to the ear. other visible pain with toothache or ear infection that generally at a point , but more like a spread and sometimes change over section of the shoulder and left arm .
4 . Characteristics of those affected by heart disease that is indigestion, nausea or feel the pain of the stomach
Attack dn chronic digestive problems can be an early sign of nausea heart attack or myocardial infarction , especially in women . in a study known women 2 times more natural perhaps vomiting, nausea and digestive problems throughout most bln. welcome heart attack in men banding .
This last condition due to fat blockages in the arteries can reduce blood supply to the heart is generally held in the chest can sometimes be seen in the stomach. This description depends on what part of the natural heart problems until it send a sign of pain lower section of the body from the chest .
Disorders is often overlooked , and due to the greater concentration of the pain in the chest.
According to dr m . Pohan guidance intelligent person , like a full spjp written from notes on detikhealth , at least 5 features a heart attack to look out for :

Feeling depressed ( it's any big load stricken , sick , bruised and burned ) resulting in shortness of breath and choking on the neck .
This pain can spread to the left arm , neck and back .
The pain can run about 15-20 minutes and lasts to eternal .
There was cold sweat , body weakness , palpitations , and especially to swoon.
This pain can shrink the afternoon break , but can be added weight when doing the activity center .

Unpredictable heart disease
Not only the characteristics of heart disease at the top, of course heart disease can not be considered . characteristics similar to the characteristics of common colds . to convince you to do simple sports activity , if your so strong , it is possible that you are suffering from heart disease . any description of the place , you must immediately consult a doctor . Features like a full heart disease shortness of breath and sweating a lot or almost fainted just like a full feature simple disease . therefore you do not need to panic and conclude that your heart before now convinced him to consult a doctor.
Characteristics of those affected by heart disease that Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murahis certainly at the top of the heart, like a full explanation above. when the heart feels pain, you quickly alert but not panic and immediately consult a doctor . prevention can be done if not too late and you must be honest with your doctor about how you feel . Heart disease is wise enough handling is at risk if it's too late can result in loss of life due .
Thus our explanation about the characteristics of those affected by heart disease . This disease can place on anyone. by due to the early prevention of heart disease that is a healthy lifestyle and regular . This information may be useful and add your insight . Read also 6 Features Heart Disease Symptoms yes .- See more at:

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