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I seek refuge from the temptations

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of the devil is damned , I seek refuge from the evil of those who do wrong and hypocritical , I seek refuge from ignorance moreAdd as Friend | Send Message0inShareCoup Jokowi and Easy Ways to Overcome Flood JakartaOPINION | 15 January 2014 | 07:09 Read: 1372 Comments : 19, 17
As a person who once lived along the river , Jokowi would know exactly how " troublesome " if the rainy season and the flood came over their homes . That bitter experience of life that leads and guides Jokowi always worked hard to overcome the problem of flooding that hit Jakarta today .
More than a year Jokowi leading Jakarta . And of course, many things are done by Jokowi to organize Jakarta including to address the flooding problems that always faithful approached Jakarta since 50 years ago . Jakarta as a miniature of Indonesia and a gathering place great people would have had a " complete concept " to cope with flooding . The problem , as long as there is no leader who dared to Jakarta " execute " a complete concept that had been developed by the experts .
Until finally come " Ndeso Wong Solo " and " The Rainbow Warriors break through barriers of the State " , Jokowi - Ahok who brought the concept of the New Jakarta , Jakarta humanist and humane . They were with a capital " daring " dare execute all programs " past " that had been neatly tucked away in the archives of the provincial government of DKI Jakarta .
Of course a lot of pros and cons . There was a fight but more of that support . But the combination of Jokowi - Ahok that reflects leadership " negotiator - executor " finally paid off . Pluit Reservoir and Reservoir Ria Rio is actually the authority of the central government could eventually normalized , although initially there was resistance from affected residents from the reservoir normalization program . The major rivers are actually also the President of his business was normalized by means of dredged and deepened to be able to accommodate the overflow of the water even more . Too much absorption well built . Sump pumps were installed in many flood-prone spot . And the result , flooding is still crashing Jakarta .
Gagalkah Jokowi cope with the flood ? Obviously , due to the fact that flooding is still not vanished from Jakarta . It is true that Jokowi can lower flood prone points of the remaining 75 points to just 35 points . That is Jokowi able to cope with the flood of up to 50 % percent . And incredibly , the figure reached 50 % in just 1 year . It seems incredible , but the fact remains failed because the flood is still not vanished from Jakarta .
Why there is still a 35 point prone to flooding ? Yes , because the fact that the central government quota into Presidential authority . Why, if already know that the " quota " of central government authority which become President , why are not Jokowi desperate ngurusin authority . Yes , because there is a flood in Jakarta bro and people just know that the governor of Jakarta is Jokowi not the President. So Jokowi once said , Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murah " where the Flood , which remains Jokowi reviled yes . " Flood comes from upstream ( Bogor ) , so the solution should also be initiated from the upstream ( Bogor ) . Jokowi obviously did not have the authority to interfere in the government of Bogor . The central government , in this case the President clearly has the authority to address the problem of flooding upstream .
Question is, can the Jakarta flood free , 50 years after they were each rainy season Jakarta always flooded ? Of course it can and it was fairly easy way is to choose Jokowi be President.
Well ... how come ? Yes , bisalah khan had been told that 35 points remaining flood prone it relates to " loot " of central government authority who became President. If the president would address the flooding in Jakarta Indonesia 's how easy it is to start from upstream .
But instead of during the Jokowi also dare to make a "coup " by doing various types of work that should be the authority of the President ? For example , problems Pluit Reservoir obviously Presidential affairs , how dare Jokowi that only a governor do a " coup " by relocating residents and restore function as a place to accommodate the Pluit Reservoir water . Though President aja tuh ignored me , do not care . During this time Pluit Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murah Reservoir be a convenient place for water hyacinth and settlements and President, own fun aja tuh . Why even bother Jokowi provide flats and take them out together .

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