Monday, September 22, 2014

Do weeding in continuous

Do weeding in continuous & should be done simultaneously with the adoption & cultivation that is viewed twice a year.

2) Perempalan / Pruning
Twigs-sown twins & have no fruit should be pruned for preventing pest & disease attack. Use scissors crop of clean & sharp for avoiding infection & lapisi former crop with ter.

3) Fostering Manggis
Type & dosage fostering organized are:

     6-month-old trees cultivated mixture of urea, SP-36 & KCl (3: 2: 1) of 200-250 grams / tree.
     1-3 year old trees nurtured mix 400-500 grams of Urea, 650-700 grams of SP-36 & 900-1000 grams of KCl (3: 1: 2) who is viewed in two to three times.
     Apply for the next 4 years old & nurtured mixture of urea, SP-36 & KCl (1: 4: 3) by 3-6 kg.pohon plus 40 kg / tree manure. Fertilizer sprinkled agen bola about in the run / paste in the holes around the stem with a diameter of trees as far as size of the title. & hole-in to run about 10-20 cm while the distance between the holes around 100-150 cm.

4) Irrigation & Watering
Crop-liver under five years requires the availability of water & elbow continues to be watered one to two days. Whereas in the mangosteen tree-liver more than five years, the frequency of watering can be reduced gradually. Watering is done by morning swamp irrigation channels or watered.

Harlion poetry, researchers from the Tropical Fruit Crops Research Agency (Balitbu Tropical) Ministry of Agriculture, said this during a general note is new to the mangosteen fruit after 10-12 years.

"This will be very useful for farmers to encourage and spur their enthusiasm to develop agri-business sectors mangosteen plants and increase their income," says Harlion testified to, Friday (28/9).

Reza own doing research for 6.5 years to find
BOLAWIN88.COM BANDAR TARUHAN AGEN JUDI BOLA CASINO POKER DOMINO BOLATANGKAS DAN TOGEL ONLINE TERPERCAYA a way of accelerating berbuahnya mangosteen plants once a doctoral dissertation in 2003 at the IPB.

Reza finds that mangosteen plant roots very little, so it can not suck a lot of water and fertilizer. As a result of this slow growing crops.

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