Sunday, May 11, 2014

Transfer Sprout

After 4 or 5 days the seeds began to germinate, so also with the other grains. On the 12th day all the seeds will germinate.

BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOT Transfer sprouts to a basket or plastic enclaves done after the seed pieces from tersimbul up. Transfer said it's too late when the pieces are open and a pair of small leaves have sprouted.
Transfer the late possible upside break root. Because the roots of this ride has grown and may have branched. Then moved, planted into the basket. To measure basket or plastic enclaves depending on the needs of the time. Once the seedlings aged between 6 to 8 months, then moved to the field perkebun.
In the basket diameter measuring between 30-35 15-20 cmdengan high, filled with compost soil (which has exactly the land) that is mixed with sand in a ratio of 1: 1. Cart or plastic bag already filled the land with 1 -2 cm below the edge. In basketball or plastic bag that was filled with bean sprouts and then transferred to a well-preserved.
Conservation Seeds In Cart
Basketball or plastic bags containing sprouts are arranged regularly in a relatively elevated ground and surface covered with slate stone or brick. Shades of the pergunakan able to cover the tree with the roof of the manufacturing or the same as roof Embankment sprouts.
Watering is done two times a day ie in the morning and afternoon. A week after the seeds are transferred to the basket, the adoption must be given. As the adoption of a given dose measurements are as follows:
1. Fertilizer is a compact form:
2 grams ZA / seedling (/ +1 Spoon the), given at least 3 cm circular shaft.
2. Fertilizer which forms liquid: agen poker online texas poker yang terpercaya  Mix 25 grams ZA plus 20 liters of water given 0.5 liters per stem with a note that after watering with a solution of ZA, the seedlings should be watered immediately to menghilkangkan or wash the parts of the leaves / stems of the solution in contact Treat this adoption can be done once a week for 2 to 3 weeks. Dig a hole 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm in the soil fertile cuup. But, when on the ground repeat the hole enlarged to 100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm. Then leave a hole open in the dry season.

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