Friday, April 25, 2014

Typical properties and quality of essential oils

Typical properties and quality of essential oils can change from oil that is still in the oil-containing material, during the process of extraction, storage and marketing. For it should be noted ranging from raw material handling techniques to the storage of essential oils.GLOBALBOLA.COM AGEN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 SBOBET IBCBET CASINO POKER Another difficulty in analyzing the oil is because most of the components is a liquid, so that the necessary fractionation techniques. Factors affecting the yield of coriander oil is affected by (1) the drying temperature, dried with a dryer should be no more than 40 º C, (2) the level of ripeness of the fruit of coriander, coriander immature fruit will produce quality and low oil yield. Mature coriander and immediately distilled, producing oil yield of approximately 0.83%. Ripening of fruit is not the same but gradually it takes for an assessment to determine the optimal harvest time. Setyaningsih research results (1992), suggests that physiology is reached when cooking coriander fruit is yellow to brown (about 4-6 months after planting) begins with an umbrella stem drying followed by a hardening of the base of the stalk attachment to the fruits and the fruits of his umbrella in the umbrella has changed color from green to golden brown, (3) the land where grown, coriander plants suited to the soil at planting rather clay, (4) climate, (5) the size of the shape of fruits coriander, cilantro small fruit yield a higher oil yield than fruits are large and (6) refining techniques, on steam distillation, the amount of water in direct contact with the material refined, cultivated as little as possible, but water must be there to help smooth the process of diffusion, (7) varieties of coriander, Coriandrum sativum var varieties. DC microcarpum fruit diameter ranged from 1.5 to 3 mm smaller volatile oil content is higher than the Coriandrum sativum var. Alet vulgare fruit diameters ranging from 3-6 mm (Ketaren, 1985; Guenther, 1987; Purseglove et al., 1981; Hadipoentyanti and Udarno, 2002). Linaool is the main constituent of coriander oil, coriander oil linalool contained approximately 60-70%, linalool terpenoid compounds including alcohols, liquid, colorless and scented. Linalool has the empirical formula CHO structural formula 3,7-dimethyl-3 10 181.6 oktadien-ol, linalool is not cyclic alcohol compound (straight) (http://chemicalland Htm ). Linalool can be made of natural and synthetic, naturally derived from the flowers of lavender, bergamot, rose wood, lemongrass, lime leaves and flowers. While the synthesis of linalool obtained from and - pinene and processed etimilasi with acetylene into dehidrolinalool catalyst, produces linalool through the process of a triple bond hydrogenasi with other carbon palladium catalysts. Compound synthesis components like linalool linalool a natural, soft fragrant scent like bergamot ( 99 081. Html). 2 contains linalool antipode enantiomer or a circle that has a name (R) (-) linalool or likareol and (S) (+) linalool or koriandrol. Likareol contained in lavender while koriandrol contained in cilantro that produces fragrant aroma. Compound linalool are components that determine the intensity of the fragrance, so that coriander oil can be used as raw material of perfume, scent like lavender or bergamot oil. Linalool is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as an analgesic drug (drugs suppress pain), perfume, the smell of food and beverages, soap, wax base material, laundry soap, synthetic vitamin E and warehouse pests and pesticides insektida to destroy cockroaches and mosquitoes. Coriander usefulness as a diuretic drugs, among other things (urine laxative), antipyretic (fever-reducing), stomatik (amplifier stomach), stimulants (stimulant), laxatif (purgatives), antelmintif (issued worms), increase appetite, treat sick bile and bronchitis (Wahab and Hasanah, 1996). Identification of linalool in the oil carried by the gas ABCBOLA.COM Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014  chromatography method and using an authentic standard material linalool. Analysis by gas chromatography methods provide qualitative and quantitative information about the major components in the oil. Besides, the results of gas chromatography is also a fingerprint (fingger print) that can rapidly demonstrate the quality and purity of an essential oil.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Google has continued to release new search engine algorithm

Google has continued to release new search engine algorithm to bring more quality search features . Many webmasters losing your position on search engines Google and pagerank loss . One of my postings that follow the pageant Let Berkomunitas In Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik TerpercayaFaceblog also lost in the google search engine because Google Panda algorithm update is officially announced by Google . Previously, postingn is at first order eventually lost and was not detected in any position . And not only that, it also lost some of my postings on search engine google , google panda super fast .
There is an important lesson I took from that case, in particular to secure our position in the google search engine.
Backlinks are desirable , not spam the pageGoogle began to recognize backlinks from pages that are rated spam , or too many out bound links. So start getting links from pages with external links and content quality . Make sure the pages are not made too many ads and must have substance. If you have backlinks from spammy sites , you will get negative effects from google .
Changing the link expansion strategiesBe careful embedding links in some blog , because this blog to detect using black SEO and SPAM . According to SEO experts in Norway , most of the blogs containing the EDU and GOV links ( to date, I do not know the purpose of a link EDU and GOV ) . Now it's better to get quality links by living in a posting on the blog , so that Google can recognize your website have quality links from the site. pengunung and is in the category of favorite search engine google . Further, often commented on the blog Air- high pagerank dofollow blogs .
Maximizing Internal linkConnecting link from one page to another page . So if one of your pages has the authority Google is good then you should arrange for links to other relevant pages . Its better if you install the internal keyword links. Internal linking process is limited only to your blog . So a blog or website you will get a strong link popularity . This is a simple but very effective way to increase Google page rank in the next update . Not only Google page rank but also help tips to improve your blog search engine position and the other levels . This should be done
ABCBOLA.COM Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014 if you want to be free from the Google Panda algorithm .
According to your opinion what is the main thing that should be followed to improve Google page rank and peaceful condition of the panda update ? If you have any suggestions , please drop ... Regards Blogger

Friday, April 4, 2014

Since a few years ago in North America

Since a few years ago in North America, these Taruhan Bola Online  fish and some close relatives who are equally wary of including snakehead fishes as dangerous fish, which could threaten the sustainability of aquatic biota there. The types of snakehead actually enter the United States as an aquarium fish. Likely due to carelessness, the snakehead is now also found in nature, in the rivers and ponds in the United States. And because it is wild and invasive, the American government worried the fish would quickly spread and damage the balance of natural waters.
Efficacy of fish cork It is known that this fish is very rich in albumin, a type of protein is important. Albumin human body needs every day, especially in the healing process of wounds. Provision of fish meat protein extract cork or has attempted to increase the levels of albumin in the blood and help cure some diseases.
How fish fishing cork Many catfish are in the swamp with a fairly dense aquatic plants. If a lot of water hyacinth in shallow water, usually cork many fish there.
There are several ways to bait techniques. First, by using bamboo gala ditusukan to the ground. Gala baited bamboo frog or small shrimp. Left overnight. New morning will be taken.
Second, frog jumping technique. That is, fishing frog baits by entering multiple times into the expected water fish cork. This is the same style of fishing frog style that was in the water.
Third, by using a life jacket. Bait used remains small frog. Let the fishing float. If there is movement, do not immediately removed. Let the first few moments. Maybe at the time it was entered into a fish cork mud. Pull the rod slowly and follow the movement of fish cork.
The next technique is a technique that anglers have a
free classified ads complete and modern equipment. This technique is called casting. Bait used was certainly not the original feed. But truth animal forms as bait. For example, shaped like toads (soft and hard frogie frogie).
This technique makes anglers really like exercising. Anglers should cast fishing lines and pulled repeatedly. Bait for catfish is indeed made of two kinds. There were floats and some sinks that are used in water deep enough. For fun and to get the look, nothing is done. This is one of the craziness of the sport fishing enthusiasts.